Garbage Bags

Пакет мусорный купить оптом Исток
Пакет мусорный купить оптом Исток
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Garbage bags in a roll are a type of packaging used for waste disposal. Eco-friendly and affordable garbage collection helps to protect the environment from pollution.






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Using garbage bags 

Plastic garbage bags are used in enterprises, offices, hotels, in everyday life, when carrying out repair and building work, can be used for household purposes for transportation of overall items. The main advantages of plastic packaging are: 

Garbage bags are manufactured from synthetic polymers: 

  • HDPE - minimum indicators of strength and density (5 - 15 microns), the level of permissible load is indicated on the package. 
  • LDPE - reliable and elastic products (from 20 microns), capable to support up to 50 kg. Package can be used at temperatures of -80 - +100 degrees, is not exposed to chemical reagents. 
  • light weight; 
  • optimality for light but space-occupying cargo; 
  • keeping the unpleasant smell of waste inside; 
  • dense structure is suitable for carrying organic waste, not heavy building material, plastic, bottles. 

We offer you plastic garbage bags of our production 

The price of manufacturing plastic garbage bags depends on the selected material, characteristics and parameters of products. 

Packages serve for: 

  • heavy waste (after building work, up to 50 kg); 
  • everyday garbage (public places, domestic use, up to 7 kg); 
  • lightweight garbage (offices, up to 3 kg). 

We offer garbage bags in bulk with the density of 4.5 - 50 microns and a volume of 30 - 240 liters. Products are made on order  in desired sizes. You can order small wholesale from 1000 pieces with parameters from 20x22 to 250x330 cm. 

We cooperate with retailers, wholesale companies, industrial enterprises, sanatoriums and hotels, cafes and restaurants. Products comply with sanitary standards and are supplied in rolls.

We will produce any size according to your requirements

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