Packaging bag “pack”

пакет фасувальний пачка Істок
одноразовые пакеты Исток
пакет фасувальний пачка Істок
одноразовые пакеты Исток
Product description

More than 70% of goods are packed in polyethylene packaging, as it is durable, doesn’t allow moisture to pass, doesn’t affect the look of the product. The company Istok has been producing polyethylene packaging products for more than 20 years in Ukraine. Therefore it guarantees high quality and low prices for wholesale orders.







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Size range of packaging bags “pack” 

Polyethylene packaging bags in a pack are intended for sorting and packaging goods. They are used in supermarkets, shops, at home, in production. Trade enterprises gain an additional plus by using such a high-quality packaging as plastic bags with a brand logo. It helps to increase customer loyalty to the trade network. 

The assortment of the manufacturer "Istok" includes packages "pack" with material density from 5 microns in the following linear dimensions: 

  • 10x22 (1000 pieces per pack); 
  • 10x27 (1000 pieces per pack); 
  • 10x27 (300 pieces per pack); 
  • 18x35 (1000 pieces per pack); 
  • 18x35 (480 pieces per pack); 
  • 18x35 (590 pieces per pack); 
  • 18x35 (800 pieces per pack); 
  • 20x30 (1000 pieces per pack). 

We also offer packs of the packaging and material density you need in bulk. 

The benefits of packaging bags in a pack 

The pack (euroblock) has a hole in the central part, which is convenient when using in terms of hygiene and practicality. The kit does not require a stationary fixing. If necessary, it can be placed anywhere. The product is pried off by hand from the cut hole and is easily removed. Euroblock protects the contents from dust and dirt. 

Plastic bags are suitable for packing bulk goods; cookies, sweets; household goods; small products. 

Products made from low-density polyethylene have such advantages: 

  • retain strength and elasticity in frost and heat; 
  • are resistant to tearing; 
  • provide insulation - do not allow air and moisture to pass; 
  • are safe - do not contain toxic elements, are suitable for food storage; 
  • do not interact with alkalis, acids, chemical compounds. 

Production of plastic bags for packaging: the price of the pack 

You can order polyethylene packaging from the Istok company, according to your needs and preferences in terms of density, size, type, quantity in a pack, color. The production of bags from HDPE and LDPE has been established with strict quality control, therefore, polyethylene products feature by: 

  • Favorable price. When ordering packaging in bulk, the expenses are reduced, which allows us to offer low prices for our products. 
  • Wide range of sizes. It is easy to choose from the presented parameters the right option to use in shops, cafes, supermarkets, restaurants, industrial enterprises, catering establishments and others. 
  • Possibility of branding packages. The packaging can be applied with a brand logo and used as a marketing tool. 

To order packages "pack", Private Label production you can contact our manager by phone or online.

We will produce any size according to your requirements

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