Polyethylene liner bags

полиетиленовые пакеты вкладыши Исток
полиетиленовые пакеты вкладыши Исток
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Polyethylene liners are a type of packaging and serve as a layer between a container and goods that are stored in it. They are used for transportation and storage of oils and fats, food additives, confectionery, salted frozen fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits, bulk products.







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They are also used for non-food products: chemicals, building mixes, etc. In the shopping catalogue of "Istok" company you can choose liner bags for different areas of use: food, light and heavy industry, medicine, building sector, trade and service industry. We offer our customers large and small wholesale, a wide range of products and customization. 

The sizes of "Istok" liner bags 

Our own production allows to manufacture bags for packing different categories of goods in variety of sizes: 

  • 390 * 480 mm (100 pieces per pack) 
  • 390 * 500 mm (100 pieces per pack); 
  • 410 * 520 mm (200 pieces per pack); 
  • 410 * 540 mm (200 pieces per pack). 

Please note: not only the sizes of the liner bags differ, but also the density material and number of pieces in a pack. You can buy liner bags for a specific assortment of goods and the packaging they will be used with. Also you can order wholesale individual production. When producing we will take into account the customer's wishes about the size, color, density, composition (technical or food), the number of bags in a package. It is also possible to apply a logo. 

The advantages of using polyethylene liner bags 

Ease of use is one of the significant advantages of polyethylene liner bags. Modern production technologies that we use in our enterprise endow products with high performance characteristics. 

It is worth buying polyethylene liners if you want: 

  • to provide reliable protection of goods from moisture, dust, bacteria, fungi and unfavorable natural factors; 
  • to exclude contact of the product with the container in which it is stored or transported; 
  • to minimize the risk of damage to the goods in case of mechanical spoiling of the external packaging; 
  • to provide reliable storage of bulk materials: sugar, flour, cereals, fertilizers, backfills, foam granules. 

Polyethylene bags retain their properties at high and low temperatures. The liners are strong and resistant to loads, have a reserve for stretching due to the increased elasticity of the material. If necessary, the liners can also be used as individual packing without containers. 

Favorable conditions of purchasing polyethylene liner bags from "Istok"

The Istok company has been producing packaging products from polyethylene of various uses for more than 20 years. When contacting us to buy liner bags, you receive goods that meet all sanitary standards and requirements, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates. In the production process we use low-pressure polyethylene. Under equal thickness, such bags are more durable and wear-resistant than analogues. 

Flexible prices of polyethylene liners and their quality guarantee  advantageous conditions of co-operation for those who order both large and small wholesale. The products are supplied by transport companies to all regions of Ukraine. 

You can contact "Istok" managers by phone or online to order liner bags and find out details of cooperation.

We will produce any size according to your requirements

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