Polyethylene gloves in a box

рукавички одноразові поліетиленові Істок
целлофановые перчатки Исток
рукавички одноразові поліетиленові Істок
целлофановые перчатки Исток
Product description

If you are interested in disposable polyethylene gloves in a box, the "Istok" company offers you to buy them at manufacturer’s prices. Also there is presented a wide range of high-quality products that are in demand in everyday life and professional spheres of activity: stretch, plastic packaging.








500 pcs.

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Where are polyethylene disposable gloves used 

The optimal solution for retail, hospitality, industrial enterprises is to purchase disposable polyethylene gloves in bulk. These practical products are in demand when carrying out various non-recurrent tasks, when it is necessary to protect hands from moisture, mildly aggressive chemicals, dyes and other contaminants. In addition, they can be used for food, to prevent hand bacteria from getting into food. 

Therefore plastic gloves are indispensable for kitchens in  catering establishments, and are also a required attribute in food halls of shops and supermarkets, in markets, technological workshops in food industry, hairdressing salons, etc. 

The advantages of disposable polyethylene gloves from the company "Istok" 

1. Minimum thickness

The thickness of the polyethylene glove is only 9 microns, so that its presence on the hand is practically not felt and does not interfere with usual actions. 

2. Products’ durability

Despite the minimum thickness, disposable polyethylene gloves are strong enough, so they perform their functions well. 

3. One size fits all

Our gloves are made in one universal size, making them easy to put on hands of any size. Moreover, each glove is suitable for both right and left hand. 

4. Low cost

Disposable polyethylene gloves in a box, which we offer to buy in bulk, are sold at a low price per package. Stable pricing policy makes us a reliable long-term partner for a wide variety of businesses in Ukraine. 

On our website you can order disposable polyethylene gloves in a pack of 500 pieces. The company offers small wholesale for its own products. Decide on the order size and make the purchase at your convenient time. If necessary, managers will help to decide on the product type and find the most optimal solution for you.

We will produce any size according to your requirements

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