T-Shirt packaging bag

пакет майка в пачке ИСТОК
пакеты маечки оптом Исток
пакет майка в пачке ИСТОК
пакеты маечки оптом Исток
Product description

We present a universal type of packaging products - polyethylene t-shirt package that is useful in shops of groceries and industrial goods, retail chains, take-out establishments, etc.







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The company “Istok”, which is a manufacturer with experience of more than 20 years in the market, offers inexpensive polyethylene products in bulk in Ukraine. 

Size range of polyethylene t-shirt packaging bags 

The manufacturing capacity of our company allows to produce a wide range of polyethylene products of various densities and sizes, including packing bags "t-shirt": 

  • 16*30 cm (100 pieces per pack); 
  • 22*36 cm (100 pieces per pack); 
  • 22*37 cm (100 pieces per pack); 
  • 22*40 cm (100 pieces per pack); 
  • 24*42 cm (200 pieces per pack); 
  • 24*43 cm (200 pieces per pack). 

Taking into account your individual needs you can choose acceptable options for ordering from the product assortment in the proper quantity. For purchase there are available large, medium and small wholesale at competitive prices. 

5 reasons to buy polyethylene t-shirt bags in a pack 

The company "Istok" manufactures bags of the "t-shirt" type, which have following advantages: 

1. Profitable cost 

Production of great number of plastic t-shirt bags in packs on order reduces the cost of production and allows us to charge reasonably low prices for our own products. 

2. Lifting strength

Due to the capacity of withstanding heavy loads the polyethylene t-shirt bags demonstrate resistance to puncture and tear, which makes them reliable and convenient in using. 

3. Sufficient roominess

Packages produced by "Istok" are suitable for various types of goods, therefore they serve as a practical consumable material for any shop, supermarket, cafe, restaurant, other retail outlets and establishments catering, industrial enterprises, etc. 

4. Wide range of sizes 

It is easy to choose and order a suitable polyethylene t-shirt bag from the sizes presented in the line. 

5. Possibility of branding

An important advantage of t-shirt bags is that you can apply logos (drawings) and thus use as effective marketing tool to increase awareness of your own brand.

For ordering t-shirt packages, including making a Private Label, you can contact the managers online or by phone and obtain full information.

We will produce any size according to your requirements

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