Production of bio-packages

Environmental preservation is a topic that will always be relevant. And we, as manufacturers of polyethylene products, cannot stay aside.

The Istok team is committed to conscious consumption and caring for the environment, so today we are going to talk about bio-packages, their production and comparison with paper, polyethylene. 


Production of garbage bags

Garbage bags are an integral part of any business, enterprise or household. The times when the waste was taken out in buckets and other containers are far in the past. Instead of this inconvenient way came garbage bags of different colors, sizes, types. Now the waste disposal process has become more comfortable, which makes everyday life easier.


Production of bags for packaging bottles of water

An important point for comfortable and safe transportation of large receptacles is their competent packaging. Of course it’s not about the leakproofness of the bottles, because this is the basic necessity. To ensure that the casing of receptacles is not getting dirty or damaged special plastic bags shall be used.


Recycling as a way of caring for the world

Recycling is a great way to make our planet even better. Many European (and not only) countries have long been implementing this practice. For example, since 2016 Germany has been taking the leading position among the recycling countries. And our team does everything possible to equate Ukraine with the leaders in this area.