Biodegradable T-shirt bags

біорозкладний пакет Істок
біорозкладний пакет Істок
Product description

Biodegradable t-shirt bag is an eco-friendly packaging product, in the manufacture of which there are used raw materials with an accelerated decay period. In appearance, strength, convenience of use they are as good as classical polyethylene products. But unlike them, they will decompose much faster, not a few hundred years.











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The average period of their decay is from 1 month to 3 years depending on the manufacturing technology, storage conditions and use. In "Istok" company you can buy small and big biodegradable bags in large and small wholesale. The product is certified, which confirms its high quality. 

Features and advantages of biodegradable t-shirt bags from «Istok» company 

There are several varieties of biodegradable bags on the market. They can be manufactured from corn or potato starch. Our product catalog contains products from starch granules. The use of corn starch in the production of biodegradable polymers proved to be the most promising in practice. Pure PLA Starch Granules are a waterproof, transparent material with good gloss. But it’s fragile, rigid and begins to deform at temperatures above 50 - 55 °С. To change these material and make it more practical helped special additives PBAT - composting oil based plastic. 

Biodegradable bags are a natural, hydro- or compostable material. Special production technology promotes the release of lactic acid, which becomes the basis of the polymer mixtures. Such products require proper disposal, in particular composting. This process involves maintaining a certain temperature and humidity level, oxygen concentration. Another prerequisite for composting is the presence of the relevant  microorganisms. This process can take place both at home and in industrial conditions. At home you can compost with spoiled food. The resulting mass can be used as an effective and inexpensive fertilizer for the fruit and vegetable garden. Such processes are gradually being launched on an industrial scale as well. Plants provide conditions under which the package is completely decomposed after use in just 1 - 3 months. 

Today, biodegradable bags compete with paper counterparts.  Compared to them, they differ in several advantages: 

  • possibility of reuse; 
  • minimal emissions of harmful substances into the environment in the production process; 
  • do not require deforestation (paper bags are made from primary raw materials); 
  • can be used in wet weather; 
  • increased flexibility, which adds ease of use; 
  • the ability to make bags of different density and carrying capacity. 

The Istok company takes care not only of people and their convenience, but also of nature. You can buy from us eco t-shirt bags from starch granules. This technology has proven worldwide to be efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. They are also suitable for packing and carrying food and non-food goods. They don’t react with the contents and don’t emit toxic substances. 

If you are interested in biodegradable t-shirt bags with a logo, please let our managers know when making order. You can find out the terms of wholesale, production time for individual eco t-shirt bags, current prices by phone or through the feedback form.

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