Partnership with Istok is a process of building long-term business relationships based on: 

  • mutual respect; 
  • trust; 
  • confidentiality; 
  • accurate performance of duties; 
  • mutual motivation. 

We value each partner and try to provide profitable terms of cooperation. Business relationships are built on confidence, stability, quality - Istok company guarantees all these to its customers. 

Effective solutions for:

Small and medium businesses

The Istok manufacturing company is a reliable partner for those who concern for the quality at a favourable price. We manufacture the required products and are ready to increase the volume of deliveries upon request of the client. 

Cooperate with us: 

  • all regions of Ukraine; 
  • CIS countries; 
  • EU countries. 

We know the specifics and preferences of consumers in Ukraine and abroad, as well as constantly monitor innovations, analyze and implement them. Thanks to these factors, we can quickly find the optimal solution for your business. 

A wide range of products made of polyethylene, organic raw materials allows us to fulfill any client's request. 

Our team is committed to conscious consumption, so in 2021 we put in operation: 

  • workshop - for the processing of industrial waste for secondary use; 
  • laboratory - for the control and development of our own technologies for the production of packaging material from polyethylene and organic biogranules. 

Properly constructed logistics and availability of goods in the warehouse in the required volume ensure fast delivery in agreed terms.

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We regularly analyze the market of the group of produced products, to cover the needs of both local and larger trading networks. More than 20 years of Istok experience in manufacturing packaging materials allows us to offer a unique solution for your business. 

To ensure regular and timely delivery, our warehouses are always stocked with necessary products. With the scale of our partners' business, we increase production capacity without loss of quality, therefore there is no need to find an additional supplier. 

The Istok company specializes in manufacturing: 

  • BIO t-shirt packing bags; 
  • Polyethylene packages; 
  • disposable polyethylene gloves; 
  • liner bags; 
  • stretch films; 
  • garbage bags; 
  • Private Lable products of your trading network. 

The production cycle is closed and 100% recycled. It is important for us to maintain high product quality and affordable price, with minimal anthropogenic strain on the environment.

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For hotel and restaurant business we provide the possibility to work with the producer without intermediaries. Our policy is high quality and transparent pricing. 

We produce these types of polyethylene and organic packing: 

  • BIO bags undershirt and packing; 
  • polyethylene package; 
  • disposable polyethylene glove; 
  • liner bag; 
  • stretch film; 
  • garbage bags; 

Due to the constant availability of goods in the warehouse, it takes a short time to deliver goods at any place in Ukraine. Also, following the concept of sustainable development and conscious consumption, we offer products from recycled raw materials. Recycling is carried out directly in production, which makes it possible to control the quality of produced granules. 

We manufacture Private Label products and help in selecting the necessary group of goods for your work specificity.

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If you are an owner, supervisor or production manager in any sphere we are open to long-term cooperation with you. Istok is a manufacturing company with 20 years of experience. During this time it has acquired permanent partners in such industries: 

  • bakeries; 
  • meat processing plants; 
  • dairies; 
  • confectionery factories; 
  • cosmetic companies. 

High quality and favorable price is one of the important principles of the company. Uninterrupted delivery is ensured by the availability of the required quantity of goods in warehouses. Experience of modernization of equipment according to various tasks of our partners enables individual production of exclusive polyethylene products and organic BIO material. 

Polyethylene packaging can be used in various fields of your production: 

  • for waste disposal; 
  • for primary packaging of products and their protection against interaction with the environment or secondary packaging; 
  • for the sterile work of employees; 
  • for packing in-process materials, etc.
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