Eco packing package

еко пакети оптом Исток
еко пакети оптом Исток
Product description

The Istok company specializes not only in the production of packaging and related materials from standard polyethylene of excellent quality (bags, gloves, stretch films, etc.), but also independently develops and manufactures PLA starch pellet eco package.











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You can easily buy biodegradable products that are increasingly popular in fast food and grocery establishments, super- and hypermarkets, catering companies without overpayments in our manufacture.

For the manufacture of organic packaging we use as raw materials PLA granules, which are obtained by processing vegetable starch. There are different ways of using such granules: extrusion into a film or sheet, pressurized casting, sheet casting, etc. 

Because of its composition, PLA material is a special type of plastic, which decomposes in specially designed composting conditions. In this way it is possible to compost this type of product easily at home. 

On an industrial scale with special equipment composting not only makes it possible to obtain high quality fertilizers, but also ensures the environmental friendliness of recycling of large amounts of waste. Therefore, the compost industry has great development prospects, both in the world and in Ukraine.

Pros of bio packages

The advantages of using eco bags for packaging and individual product packaging are: 

  • High performance characteristics

With the minimum material thickness of eco-package for food and non-food products, it reliably protects the contents from moisture, fats and other contaminants. Unlike paper, biodegradable material has characteristics comparable to polyethylene, that is why it is suitable for repeated use (does not get wet in the rain or from leaks products in it, does not wrinkle). 

  • Convenient storage

Due to the flexibility, small size and light weight, bio packaging bags occupy less space than paper. Therefore, it is not a problem to store and transport products neither in major production, nor in a small trading area. 

  • They are safer for the environment

Unlike ordinary plastic bag, organic bag under sun exposure or temperature above 60 °C loses its mechanical properties during three months without formation of toxic waste and completely decomposes in a compost pit. While packaging from biodegradable material is much more environmentally friendly than paper, which uses more water in production and has a higher carbon footprint. 

  • Good price

Our company offers a profitable order of eco-packages in bulk (large, medium and small) in packs of 50 or more pieces. The more eco-packages you need to buy, the lower wholesale price is. 

  • Ability to print your logo

On an individual order, we produce packaging bags with your logo without compromising the quality of biodegradable products. As a result you get not only modern eco-products to ensure your needs, but also an effective tool for promoting business among competitors in the market. 

To make order you should leave a request on the website or call the indicated phone number. And if you need a consultation before buying, our managers are ready to answer all questions about the product and choose the best option from the range of our products.

We will produce any size according to your requirements

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