Tear-off polyethylene gloves on a tablet

полиэтиленовые перчатки Исток
купить целлофановые перчатки Исток
полиэтиленовые перчатки Исток
купить целлофановые перчатки Исток
Product description

Tear-off disposable polyethylene gloves are an integral consumable material in bakery or vegetable aisles of any market, in a beauty salon, restaurant kitchen or in the production of semi-processed goods.








100 pcs.

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It is not a problem to buy inexpensive hand protection products from a reliable manufacturer in Ukraine. Regular customers of the company "Istok" have already ascertained in this. You can order directly from us products of one category or a set of any quantity (large, medium and small wholesale). At the same time you will not overpay, as when buying through intermediaries. 

The advantages of tear-off disposable polyethylene gloves 

Over the years customers from different spheres have been ordering tear-off disposable polyethylene gloves wholesale in our company as we offer not only favorable terms of cooperation, but also products of consistently high quality. 

The pack of 100 disposable polyethylene gloves has a number of advantages: 

1. Protective function

Production of hygiene attributes, which include gloves from polyethylene, is carried out strictly in accordance with epidemiological requirements. Therefore, with disposable gloves you can safely touch food when forming and giving the order to the customer in the store, during preparation of food or when serving dishes in catering establishments, etc. 

2. Strength characteristics

The strength of polyethylene gloves intended for single use allows to successfully perform their functions. 

3. Light weight and minimum thickness

Made of very thin polyethylene, disposable gloves don’t make hands heavier, which allows you to comfortably perform the usual actions without reducing the quality of work. 

4. Convenient packaging

The well-thought-out shape of the packaging allows you to tear off the number of gloves you need for work, after which the rest of gloves continue to remain in fixed position, without scattering around the room. 

5. Reasonable price

Manufacturing tear-off disposable polyethylene gloves in bulk reduces the cost of each package. As a result, no matter how much units your order, the purchase will be relatively cheap. 

You just have to decide on the order size and place it in the most convenient way. And if you find it difficult to make a choice on your own, contact our managers for help.

We will produce any size according to your requirements

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