Plastic t-shirt package on a roll

пакети майка оптом Исток
купить пакет майка оптом Исток
пакети майка оптом Исток
купить пакет майка оптом Исток
Product description

Plastic t-shirt packs are one of the most common types of packaging products. They are used in factories, shops and at home. In our product catalog you can buy plastic t-shirt bags on a roll of our own production in large and small wholesale.







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We have products of the sizes from 22x42 mm to 26x48 cm.You can choose the required number of packaging bags on a roll: from 100 to 600 pieces. The products are made of low-pressure high-quality polyethylene. With a minimum thickness of 7 to 15 microns they have increased durability. 

The advantages of plastic t-shirt packs on rolls 

Plastic bags on rolls are in demand due to their substantial advantages:   

  • they don’t enter into chemical reactions; 
  • retain odors well; 
  • are capacious due to additional side folds; 
  • for their thickness and dimensions they support a sufficiently large weight; 
  • are convenient in carrying - have wide durable handles; 
  • are convenient in use: there is a punching between the packages, along which they are taken off. 

All these features allow using packages for carrying and short-term storage of food. 

The purpose and scope of plastic bags on rolls 

Plastic t-shirt bags on a roll are used in supermarkets, shops, cafes and restaurants that offer food to go, etc. You can buy wholesale packaging bags for such categories of goods: 

  • vegetables, fruits; 
  • meat and dairy products, fish; 
  • bulk products: cereals, pasta, sugar; 
  • biscuits, bulk sweets, bakery products; 
  • household goods; 
  • household chemicals, etc. 

They are presented on special stands in any supermarket. Buyers can use such bags themselves. They just have to tear them off from the roll along the special punching. Plastic t-shirt bag on a roll - is a convenient, practical and inexpensive solution. Due to these features they are in high demand on the market. 

Favorable terms of purchasing t-shirt bags on a roll in Istok company 

Since 1998, our company has been producing packaging materials and related household goods. We are constantly improving our products, using new technologies. We increase the operational characteristics of the goods, protect the environment. Thus, much emphasis is put on the recycling and reuse of polyethylene, the use of biodegradable raw materials. 

The Istok company offers to its customers: 

  • constant availability of required goods in the warehouse; 
  • proper quality of products: bags are made of tested raw materials according to standardized technology; 
  • large and small wholesale: we will find suitable solutions for each customer; 
  • wide range: different sizes, densities, colors;
  • no extra charges, overpayment: we are manufacturers. 

Do you want to order individually made plastic t-shirt bags on a roll of different sizes and colors at a good price? You should agree on these details in advance. You can order a product by contacting with the managers of the company by phone or through the feedback form.

We will produce any size according to your requirements

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