Polyethylene roll package on a spool

купить пакеты полиэтиленовые Исток
целлофановый пакет Исток
купить пакеты полиэтиленовые Исток
целлофановый пакет Исток
Product description

The Istok company offers roll package on a spool. This type of packaging is used for storage, transportation of food and non-food products. Such packages reliably protect the content, increase the storage period of products, optimize service in hypermarkets.







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The size range of packaging bags

Packages on a spool are sequentially connected to each other and are supplied in rolls. The existence of a sleeve inside allows setting the roll on brackets and exposing it on the trading floor. This provides easy access and ease of use for buyers. The package is suitable for packing bulk products, fish, vegetables and pastry. 

Our product range includes the following sizes of plastic bags: 

  • 24x40 (700 pieces in a roll); 
  • 26x40 (950 pieces in a roll); 
  • 24x40 (700 pieces in a roll); 
  • 26x40 (950 pieces in a roll). 

We also offer to order plastic bags on a sleeve according to your request for their characteristics and parameters, in the necessary quantity. We make packaging for large, medium and small businesses in accordance with all standards. 

Production of plastic bags

The package on a spool is made of polyethylene of: 

  • low pressure; 
  • high pressure. 

The production process is the same for different materials and varies only by melting point. For package manufacturing we use an extruder, where products go through several stages: clean raw materials are poured into a section of the equipment, in the heating chamber are mixed and melted until homogeneous state. After this the composition is squeezed out through the hole. Under influence of air flows, the prepared sleeve is cooled, wound on a cylinder and take the form of a roll. 

The final look the product obtains on a packet machine: 

  • the sleeve is cut to size; 
  • the bottom seam is formed; 
  • the seams are soldered. 

The production of roll plastic bags on a spool is controlled at each stage, therefore the products comply with sanitary requirements, are safe on contact with food. 

Why is it profitable to buy a roll plastic bag on a spool

Due to the connection on the short side packages are easily unwound along the length and come off along the cutting line without damage. They can be transparent or with a tint. Package, which can be bought in bulk from the Istok company, saves space when using a vertical roller. The roll on the sleeve can be placed next to groceries in a supermarket or store. 

The advantages of Istok products include: 

  • Affordable cost. We have been producing bags on a spool in large amounts for large business for more than 20 years. This let us maintain a competitive price on the polyethylene market. 
  • Durability (the material density is from 5 microns). Packages withstand high loads, are resistant to tearing when used correctly. 
  • Service. You can order packs on a sleeve with the size and quantity you need. 
  • Logo applications. If necessary, we put a Private Label on roll packages, which helps to make your brand recognizable. 

For purchasing roll plastic bags on a spool call us by phone +38 066 333 28 11. The manager will consult you and place the order.

We will produce any size according to your requirements

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